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Interested in Joining?


We are always keen to recruit new members to ensure this great tradition moves forward.

You really don't need to have any previous knowledge or experience, we'll ensure that you are given all the support and help you need.

We encourage all-comers but we are a male only dancing side, although we have and are happy to recruit female musicians.

There is no cost - we provide all the tuition and most of the kit and we'll start off slowly so you feel comfortable.

We practice from mid-September to late-April every Thursday evening, in Wrotham, from eight-thirty for a couple of hours, and then finish the evening at the pub. 

Ideally you would need to commit to practice nights but we understand that life (and work) can get in the way, so if you can't make it all the time it's not a big problem. 

We dance during the summer months on a Thursday evening and at quite a few events on weekends but they aren't obligatory, we put a list up and you tick if you want to be there or not - no pressure!

Why not give it a go - you've nothing to lose but your dignity!

If you want an informal chat fill in the contact form and someone will call you, or come along any Thursday evening during our practice season.

St Georges Hall, High Street, Wrotham, Kent, TN15 7AH