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 The Hartley Morris Men have a long tradition of rounding off our displays 
with spirited singing sessions.


The Hartley Morris Men with their guests recorded 13 rousing songs in the Baron's Hall, Penshurst Place. Each song lead by a visiting side or guest, mostly featuring hair tingling chorus singing of 70 male voices.


As the finale of our Weekend Ale we took our guests from around the country (or even the world). to Penshurst Place courtesy of Viscount De L’Isle. Following a display of Morris dancing on the South Lawn, all the sides assembled in the Baron’s Hall for this 'Concert' of rousing chorus songs. The performance was recorded in its entirety and we hope you will have as much enjoyment listening to it on this CD as we did making it.



MORRIS SHOP REVIEW, by Peter de Courcy

I may be biased as I was in The Choir, but this has to be one of the best Morris après-sessions ever recorded. If the venue of The Baron's Hall, Penshurst Place in Kent was good enough for Steeleye Span concerts, it was good enough for Hartley Morris Men and their guests at their annual ale in 2015, The quality of the recordings is superb and the CD is very professionally produced. There are 13 lusty songs in all, each lead by a visiting side or guest, mostly featuring hair tingling chorus singing of 50 male voices. Enjoy!



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 1       Hedging – Big Pete Collins, Hartley MM  2:56       

 2       Bringing in the Sheaves – Pete Luscombe, Victory MM  3.33 

 3       Johnson Girls – Dave Tindall and Chris Tunnicliffe, Kennet MM  2.56

 4       Cushy Butterfield – David Foster, Perth MM, W.Australia   2.04

 5       We Shepherds are the Best of Men – Paddy Harries, Wessex MM 3.02 

 6       Through Bushes and Through Briars - Nigel Moorcroft, St Albans MM  4.15

 7       Wild Mountain Thyme – Chris Mason, Bourne River MM  4.21

 8       Bell Ringing – Peter Halfpenney, Harthill MM  4.18

 9       Kenny The Kangaroo  – Pete Burren, Hartley MM  1.18 

10      Honey Man (©John Oke Bartlett) – John Bartlett, Victory MM  3.40

11      Lavender's Blue – Dave Tindall and Chris Tunnicliffe, Kennet MM  3.49 

12      When All Men Sing - Mike Nicholson  5.19 

13      Rolling Home – Terry Heaslip, Hartley MM  5.42 

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